Architecture Technology Corporation Enters into a Strategic Alliance with Cyber Ireland    March 11, 2022

Architecture Technology Corporation (“ATCorp”) and Munster Technological University (MTU) are pleased to announce that they have entered a long-term strategic partnership to provide workforce development training for the Irish labour force.  [read more]

CYRIN and QA Form a Strategic Partnership to Inspire 11-14 Year-Old Students to Pursue Cyber Security Careers    March 8, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Architecture Technology Corporation (“ATCorp”) has been selected by QA Limited of the United Kingdom to provide a cyber security cloud platform to facilitate and inspire youngsters in the United Kingdom to pursue interest and career opportunities in cyber security. Cyber Explorers is a new joint initiative designed to inspire 11-14-year-olds across the UK to pursue cyber security careers. It aims to support teachers by complementing the school curriculum and to further students’ independent learning.  [read more]

New Lab from CYRIN and RIT: Introduction to MariaDB and MySQL    October 19, 2021

A new lab, An Introduction to MariaDB and MySQL, is now available on CYRIN. In this lab, students will create a database, add tables to the database, populate data tables, and retrieve information from the database using the MySQL command line tools. This lab was developed in conjunction with the Rochester Institute of Technology and their Global Cyber Institute. What students learn in this lab can be used in any relational database.  [read more]

CYRIN Webinar: Stop Ransomware in its Tracks    September 7, 2021

See the on-demand version of our wildly popular webinar, Stop Ransomware in its Tracks. Co-hosted by CYRIN and Cyber2Labs on September 29, 2021. See how internationally-recognized cybersecurity expert Kevin Cardwell demonstrated his "different" approach to solve the Ransomware problem.  [read more]

New Scenario: Detect and Neutralize a Malware-Based Attack    September 6, 2021

Our first Level 3 attack scenario for Enterprise Networks is now available! In this scenario, the learner plays the role of a security admin of an enterprise network. They are asked to investigate a potential malware-based attack. The learner is told that an intrusion detection system has seen periodic outgoing connections from a computer within the enterprise network to a computer on the Internet. The goals are to block the outgoing traffic, determine the computer from which the traffic is originating, find the malware on that computer, examine it to see what information is being sent out, and stop the attack.  [read more]

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