CYRIN was developed for the US Federal government to enable anytime, anywhere, online cyber forensics training and instruction. Today, this cloud-based platform has over 50 self-paced training labs, exercises and attacks.

As the graphic below illustrates, CYRIN has three distinct levels of training, designed to increase in difficulty as you progress from level one to level three. Level one includes skills development labs; level two incorporates individual or team exercises, including cyber war gaming exercises and attack scenarios; and level three launches attack scenarios that require the student to mitigate an attack on a corporate or industrial control system (ICS) and return the system to its pre-attack state. Some level three attacks are dynamic, responding to trainee actions by changing the attack in real time.

Most CYRIN courses take an average of two hours to complete. It is recommended that subscribers start with Level 1 skills development labs and then graduate to the cyber exercise level and attack scenarios. This is not a requirement but a recommendation, as many of the higher level CYRIN courses require pre-requisites to be completed. The skills development labs contain very detailed instructions for the user, but as the trainee begins to complete higher level exercises and attacks, there are fewer instructions and hints.

CYRIN also offers full cyber security training courses that take on average five days to complete. These in-depth courses consist of training narrative, slides, and video presentations, along with multiple interactive exercises.

Finally, CYRIN's Exercise Builder allows subscribers to create their own training content, revise existing CYRIN training content, or create custom cyber attack simulations to run on the CYRIN range.

Pyramid diagram with 3 levels of CYRIN content

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