CYRIN Now Offers Certification

CYRIN now has certification available on three courses taught by world-renowned cyber expert Kevin Cardwell.

CYRIN’s Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Series takes you from beginning to advanced cyber defense techniques over the course of three, 40-hour, self-paced courses. Each course includes over a dozen interactive labs and activities.

CYRIN Certification is available for each course in this series.

Courses start with Cyber Security Skills Foundation and move to Essential Defense Tactics - a solid core program that enhances and advances your skills gained in the Foundation course. Certification finishes with Advanced Defense, where you learn advanced methods of defense that bring you closer to establishing security best practices and methodologies that can be applied in any environment.

Full courses include videos, background materials, quizzes, and multiple interactive CYRIN labs to enhance your learning experience. Courses are self-paced and taught by Kevin Cardwell. The CYRIN platform allows you to pause and come back to the course at any time within your subscription period!

What Do I Get When I am Certified?

  • A digital badge that can be exported to Badgr for use on LinkedIn and other sites.
  • A printable certificate of successful completion, including the number of CPEs earned.
  • A badge icon you can include in your e-mail signature, resume, and social media pages.

How Do I Earn a CYRIN Certification?

  • Complete all the prerequisites for the certification course.
  • Successfully complete the certification course; successful completion requires a passing score in all labs and quizzes that are part of the course.

Why CYRIN Certification?

CYRIN certifications validate your skills, enhance your credentials, and increase your marketability. These courses allow you to expand or refresh your cybersecurity skills or begin a new career in cybersecurity.

CYRIN Benefits

CYRIN improves upon existing cyber range systems with four central innovations:

  1. It provides a fully interactive, independent on-line exercise interface for each student;
  2. It’s always available and accessible from anywhere with no special software required;
  3. It’s able to monitor student progress against learning objectives within practical exercises; and
  4. It’s virtual “hands-on” training so students learn by doing. It resides in the cloud and requires no physical classroom, which saves time and money.

For more information, visit CYRIN, try a free lab, sign up for a demonstration or call (800) 850-2170.

May 22, 2023

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