A privately-held technology-oriented small business, Architecture Technology Corporation (ATCorp) offers clients more than 40 years of demonstrated results and solutions through proven and effective technology development and applications. Our expertise has allowed ATCorp to evolve into one of the foremost leaders in the design and implementation of complex advanced distributed systems. ATCorp teams are able to pursue the high-risk approaches that often reward our customers with truly advanced systems and software to support their efforts in:

  • Cyber Security
  • Performance Engineering
  • Software Performance Improvement
  • Systems Engineering
  • Tactical Networking

At ATCorp, talented individuals in R&D and engineering create and design real world systems. Our core technical areas include next-gen networking, cybersecurity, airspace traffic modeling, high-performance computing, information management, and engineering for complex hardware/software systems.

Because we are able to adapt in a rapidly changing technical environment, we can provide flexibility and customization on any level of hardware system. As a result, our customers can rely on us to provide critical expertise and technology for the design, analysis, and implementation of highly complex real-time systems—for this generation of systems and the next.

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