The CYRIN cyber training platform provides effective training for college and university engineering trainees, network engineers, and corporate cyber defenders. CYRIN can ready any cyber defense team to repel cyber threats with CYRIN’s virtual machine and agent driven environment, realistic attacks, and cyber war gaming individual or team exercises with accurate training results. Through this virtualization, any damages or effects that simulated attacks or the trainees can cause to the operational network are prevented. We have implemented the main student-centric front-end — the Learning Management System (LMS) — on the Azure cloud. The CYRIN LMS uses Moodle, a popular open source LMS package.

CYRIN’s Performance Monitoring module enables instructors to observe the trainee’s progress through an automated monitoring system implemented via deployable agents that allows them to track multiple students’ progress. This automated monitoring system also ensures that the instructor does not have to monitor the exercise execution in real time. CYRIN’s Performance Monitoring module also allows instructors to analyze student progress or impediments over large student populations to continuously improve the learning experience.

A final extremely valuable component of CYRIN is Exercise Builder. This module allows CYRIN subscribers to build their own content to run on the CYRIN platform. This module provides drag and drop network configuration as well as learning tree training objectives.