CYRIN in the Classroom

CYRIN® is a next-generation cyber range platform featuring real tools, real attacks, and real scenarios that provides hands-on training.

Instructors can pick from packages of labs designed for different cybersecurity classes, build their own packages, or even build out new scenarios in multiple subject areas, not just cyber, using CYRIN’s patented Exercise Builder.

Benefits of CYRIN

1. Live access to virtual enterprise and SCADA networks

2. Access from a web browser, no special software required

3. Each student gets a personal instance of the cyber range

4. Students see a real-time assessment of their progress

5. Labs can be paused and resumed at any time

6. Integrates with existing online courseware/LMS systems

7. Auto-grading: CYRIN tracks student progress and grades them as they work through the labs

8. Instructor dashboard: View individual student progress or of the class as a whole

9. Team/wargame scenarios with multiple participants

Students at a laptop

Real-Time, Automated Performance Assessment

CYRIN labs have well-defined objectives with scores associated with each objective. Our patented performance monitoring system tracks student progress through a lab and computes a score based on the objectives achieved.

Student scores can be pushed to your institution’s learning management system and can be viewed on the CYRIN web site. Instructors can view detailed statistics on the performance of individual students and of the class as a whole.

Instructor view of a single student's progress in a lab

At-a-glance view of student progress on a lab with ability to drill down for details.

Instructor view of a single student's progress in a lab

At-a-glance view of aggregate class performance and metrics by objective. See exactly where your students are struggling.

Build Your Own Exercises or Use Ours

Laptop with CYRIN exercise builder

Instructors can build their own custom labs using the CYRIN Exercise Builder, a web-based, interactive drag-and-drop tool for building CYRIN content. Custom labs may extend existing CYRIN labs or may be built from scratch. And labs are not limited to cybersecurity.

Exercise Builder lets you move from idea to lab in minutes, not months.

Educational Pricing Options

Most Popular Option

Other Pricing Options

  • Substantial discounts are available on CYRIN's 50+ instructional labs, exercises, attack scenarios, and full courses. Or train by NIST NICE Work Role or tool. See our course catalog.
  • Create your own labs by adding CYRIN's Exercise Builder to your subscription. Create individual or group labs; pricing is based on actual lab usage.

Volume discounts available. Contact us for special pricing options.

The Getting Started with CYRIN and Web Application Security Analysis using OWASP-ZAP labs are free with all pricing options. The Getting Started lab introduces key elements of the CYRIN interface and also teaches the basics of the Linux/Unix command line (shell), Windows PowerShell, and editing a text file. Some knowledge of these tools is required by most CYRIN labs.

Need help picking or customizing a package? Contact us for a free consultation with our curriculum advisors.