CYRIN training is sold on a subscription basis, ranging from 4 to 12 months. All CYRIN subscriptions come with two free labs: “Getting Started with CYRIN” and “Web application Security Analysis using OWASP-ZAP”. All new CYRIN courses that are added to the training platform during a subscription period will be made available to subscribers at no additional cost.

CYRIN training has three levels: 1) skills development labs, 2) individual and team exercises, and 3) realistic cyber-attacks where trainees are required to identify the cyber-attack and then mitigate the attack. Most labs, exercises, and attacks require about two hours to complete.

All CYRIN labs, exercises and attacks happen within a virtual environment. Each trainee or student gets their own virtual instance of a lab, exercise or attack, allowing training to be self-paced and available anywhere at any time.

In order to meet specific training objectives, CYRIN subscriptions are sold on a packaged basis. That is, groups of CYRIN labs, exercises and/or attacks are recommended and bundled to meet the individual needs of the student. Examples are:

  • Pick 10: A corporate Securities Operations Manager may want to select up to 10 labs, exercises, or attack scenarios for inclusion in a customized subscription. The subscription period is 6 months, and the subscription cost is $865 per trainee.

  • Tools Training: Packages of tools training tailored for network engineers and cyber security professionals are available. The subscription period is 6 months, and the subscription cost is $615 per trainee.

  • Specialty Areas Training: CYRIN also provides training packages in specific categories that revolve around a theme or subject area. These categories include Cyber Forensics, Secure Network Setup, Web Application Security Analysis, and Network Monitoring and Recon. These packages are priced at based on their content, starting at $375 for a six-month subscription.

  • Level 1 Skills Development Labs: This subscription package contains approximately 45 individual labs and is designed as the first stage in the CYRIN learning hierarchy. This 1-year subscription costs $2495 per trainee. Any new CYRIN labs that are added during the subscription period will be made available to subscribers at no additional cost.

  • Level 2 Individual and Team Exercises: This 1-year subscription includes all of the Level 2 exercises plus all of the Level 1 labs. The 1-year subscription costs $4495 per student.

  • Level 3 Attacks and War Gaming: This subscription package includes all the CYRIN attack scenarios as well as all of Levels 1 and 2, so in essence, all CYRIN training is available to Level 3 subscribers. The cost of this 1-year subscription is $6395 per student.

  • Full Courses: CYRIN courses range from 1–5 days in duration and cover specific subject areas of IT engineering and cyber security. Each course contains videos explaining concepts and techniques, combined with multiple CYRIN labs, exercises, and/or attack scenarios, along with specialized "micro labs" tailored to the course. Courses are available to individuals, priced according to their duration, or to groups of students at a negotiated price.

  • NICE Training: Led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) training program is a partnership between government, academia, and the private sector that promotes cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development.

    The NICE Framework serves as the foundation for all cyber workforce development activities. It provides a common language to talk about cyber roles and jobs and can be referenced by those who wish to define professional requirements in cybersecurity.


CYRIN offers substantial discounts to commercial customers and to qualified educational institutions depending on the number of students to be trained.

Please email us at or call us at +1-800-850-2170 to discuss your training requirements so we can give you a specific subscription price proposal.