CYRIN Partners with QA Limited

We are pleased to announce that Architecture Technology Corporation (ATCorp) has entered into a strategic corporate partnership agreement with QA Limited of the United Kingdom. QA is the largest commercial training company in the UK commanding over 80% of the UK training market. This exciting partnership will provide ATCorp with a valuable distribution partner in the UK and will compliment QA’s cyber security training portfolio greatly.

QA’s cyber security training portfolio allows security and operational teams to learn and practice together at scale, combining attack based scenario-based skills development and in-house cyber training material.

QA has expanded its cyber security portfolio with the introduction of CYRIN, a next-generation cyber range that develops cyber defense skills using team-based incident attack scenarios requiring learners to collaboratively overcome cyber threats.

“The reality of a cyber-attack is that you need security and operational teams to work together effectively from the moment a threat is detected,” explains Richard Beck, Director of Cyber Security at QA. “If individuals have not practiced together then it is wrong to assume they will work efficiently together in the face of a serious cyber-attack.

The CYRIN cyber range provides skills development labs, individual and team exercises and requires learners to determine the nature and source of a cyber security incident attack, as well as methods to mitigate and neutralize it. This approach develops cyber security skills, and helps groups that don’t always work together to practice joint problem-solving under pressure, providing business leaders with peace of mind that teams will be able to react quickly and successfully in the event of a cyber-attack.”

Clients can use CYRIN’s unique Exercise Builder functionality to incorporate their own training material and attack simulations into training sessions. QA curriculum specialists will work with in-house curriculum teams to build scenario-based, team training exercises that make the most of existing training material. The ability to combine in-house learning content and tools with CYRIN labs, exercises and incident attack scenarios provides a powerful and integrated virtual training platform.

Tracking skills development is simple with CYRIN. Learners can see real-time assessments of their progress while performance management tools show instructors, managers and CISOs where more practice is required at both the individual learner and team levels.

“As industry respected pioneers in the design and implementation of early LAN technology and distributed computer and software systems, it was a logical step for ATCorp to build a cyber range platform. This has allowed governments and organizations to develop a highly skilled human defence, with the ability to practice with realistic virtualized computer networks,” explains Dr Rob Joyce, Vice President of Research and Development at ATCorp. “CYRIN is ideally positioned to help organisations that are dependent on sophisticated IT networks and, especially those dependent on Industrial Control Systems, to be confident that they have robust cyber security responses in place. This approach is more effective than the traditional cyber playbook dusted off only in the event of an emergency. We are delighted to be announcing this partnership with QA and introducing CYRIN to the UK market.”

About Architecture Technology Corporation

CYRIN was built by Architecture Technology Corporation (ATCorp), a privately held technology company involved in advanced R&D, systems engineering, and software development. ATCorp’s core mission for the last 40 years has been to offer its clients demonstrated results and solutions through proven and effective hardware and software technology development and applications. We transition ideas and R&D into reality with innovative products and solutions for our partners. This corporate expertise has allowed ATCorp to pursue the high-risk approaches that often reward customers with truly advanced systems and software to support their efforts in:

  • Cyber Security
  • Software Performance Improvement
  • Simulation and Complex System Modeling
  • High Performance Systems Engineering
  • Tactical Networking

ATCorp customers rely on the company to provide critical expertise and technology for the design, analysis, and implementation of highly complex software—for this generation of systems and the next.

About QA Limited

QA is the UK's leading tech talent and training organization. The company is a specialist in technology – providing a comprehensive suite of talent and training services helping individuals and companies to be winners in the digital revolution.

More than 293,000 people learned with QA last year. The company delivers services to over 5,000 corporate clients, representing a significant portion of the FTSE 250. QA has leading practices in agile, cyber security, cloud computing and DevOps as well as many other technology specializations. QA specializes in the people side of technology transformation and their training programs help businesses to upskill or reskill existing employees.

July 12, 2021

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