CYRIN Launches New Labs From the RIT Global Cyber Security Institute

It is our great pleasure to announce that Architecture Technology Corporation (“ATCorp”) has completed the acquisition of 7 new cyber security labs that were created by Rochester Institute of Technology’s (“RIT”) Global Cybersecurity Institute.

For some time, RIT GCI has used ATCorp’s CYRIN cyber range in their Cybersecurity Bootcamp training programs. RIT has subscribed to all 50 CYRIN labs, individual exercises and incident attack scenarios, and through the use of CYRIN’s Exercise Builder, ATCorp’s patented content authoring system, has authored approximately 22 of their own proprietary and custom training labs. ATCorp has acquired 7 of these labs to be hosted on the public CYRIN web site.

While these newly acquired labs will be announced separately over the coming months, the titles of each acquired lab are:

  • Installing and Configuring Active Directory
  • Deploying an Apache Web Server
  • Deploying a MariaDB Database Server
  • Introduction to Shell Scripts
  • Working with GiT and CI/CD
  • Rebuilding Network Infrastructure
  • Introduction to Docker and Docker Networking

About Architecture Technology Corporation

CYRIN was built by Architecture Technology Corporation (ATCorp), a privately held technology company involved in advanced R&D, systems engineering, and software development. ATCorp’s core mission for the last 40 years has been to offer its clients demonstrated results and solutions through proven and effective hardware and software technology development and applications. We transition ideas and R&D into reality with innovative products and solutions for our partners. This corporate expertise has allowed ATCorp to pursue the high-risk approaches that often reward customers with truly advanced systems and software to support their efforts in:

  • Cyber Security
  • Software Performance Improvement
  • Simulation and Complex System Modeling
  • High Performance Systems Engineering
  • Tactical Networking

ATCorp customers rely on the company to provide critical expertise and technology for the design, analysis, and implementation of highly complex software—for this generation of systems and the next.

About Rochester Institute of Technology Global Cybersecurity Institute

RIT’s Global Cybersecurity Institute educates and trains cybersecurity professionals; develops new cybersecurity and AI-based knowledge for industry, academia, and government; and performs systems and network security testing for a wide range of partners.

Founded in 2020, the Global Cybersecurity Institute at RIT is a world-class facility dedicated to cybersecurity. RIT GCI students and researchers are working to build secure systems, software, devices, and technologies of the future, while providing resources to commercialize methods, algorithms, software, devices, and designs in cybersecurity to launch scalable entrepreneurial ventures

June 8, 2021

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