CYRIN and QA Form a Strategic Partnership to Inspire 11-14 Year-Old Students to Pursue Cyber Security Careers

We are pleased to announce that Architecture Technology Corporation (“ATCorp”) has been selected by QA Limited of the United Kingdom to provide a cyber security cloud platform to facilitate and inspire youngsters in the United Kingdom to pursue interest and career opportunities in cyber security.

Cyber Explorers is a new joint initiative designed to inspire 11-14-year-olds across the UK to pursue cyber security careers. It aims to support teachers by complementing the school curriculum and to further students’ independent learning.

The initiative will focus on improving the career prospects and diversity of students that may be open to exploring a technical cyber pathway through the education system. It will achieve this through educational and inspirational content on the learning platform, guiding participants through a series of characters and episodes in order to explore how cybersecurity is a relevant and exciting subject and career.

Backed by The Government of the United Kingdom, Cyber Explorers will be delivered by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport under the CyberFirst brand to ensure consistency with the aims of the wider program, which is led by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.

The CyberFirst program offers young people aged 11 and over free support, skills, opportunities and the exposure, they need to excel in cyber security. It’s a vital part of a growing education ecosystem in the United Kingdom which aims to develop a pipeline of future cyber security professionals that is diverse as well as talented.

About Architecture Technology Corporation

ATCorp is where talented individuals in research, development, and engineering create and design real world systems. As a privately-held entrepreneurial enterprise, ATCorp is able to pursue the high-risk approaches that often reward their customers with truly advanced systems and software. ATCorp’s core technical competencies are next-generation networking, cybersecurity, airspace traffic modeling, high-performance computing, information management, and engineering for complex hardware/software systems.

As a technology oriented small business, the company offers their customers the benefit of over 40 years of demonstrated results and solutions through proven and effective technology development and applications. The company also has the advantage and ability to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing technical environment. Several years ago, ATCorp developed for the US Air Force the CYRIN cyber security training platform that provides the current cloud-based platform for the Cyber Explorers program managed by QA for the UK government. ATCorp has headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

About QA Limited

QA is the United Kingdom's leading tech talent and training organization. QA specializes in technology providing a comprehensive suite of talent and training services helping individuals and companies to be winners in the digital revolution. The company trained over 293,000 people just last year. QA delivers services to over 5,000 corporate clients, representing a significant portion of the FTSE 250. The company has leading practices in agile, cyber security, cloud and DevOps as well as many other technology specialties. QA Limited has headquarters in London, England.

March 8, 2022

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