Ransomware – We seem to be losing the battle. We need a new approach.

In this timely webinar, noted cybersecurity expert Kevin Cardwell will explain how no product will make us secure. Estimates are more than $100 billion was spent in 2019 on cyber security products. Despite that effort, we’ve had many data breaches and we are losing the battle. It is time for another approach.

The recent wave of ransomware attacks against Colonial Pipeline and others shows that we have to look at the fundamentals. There is no reason in a modern network for a ransomware attack to take out the entire enterprise network, at most it might take out a machine or even an entire network segment, but it should never take out the enterprise. The only way this can happen is poor network design!

In this presentation, Kevin Cardwell will show you real world examples of defensive concepts using the power of deception at different layers of the network. The attacker depends on information that is gathered during their surveillance, and with deception we change the network at layers 2-4. The network can change multiple times based on the classification of the threat. And each time it changes, the attacker is lost and has to start the recon process over again. The concept is to change the protocols, and the result is frustration and confusion for the adversary. These concepts change the game and put the defender in control! They have been deployed at Capture the Flag events and frustrated and confused hackers for hours!

You have heard that the hackers are in control and they only need to find one way in. This presentation will show you how to flip that model with only one packet to identify the attacker and prepare our response strategy. We are in control of our networks and this presentation will show you how to take advantage of that.

Kevin CardwellSpeaker: Kevin Cardwell is an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert. Kevin provides consulting services for companies throughout the world and is an adviser to numerous government entities across the globe. He is an instructor, technical editor, and author for computer forensics and hacking courses. He headed the team that built the U.S. Navy Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC). Kevin is the creator of three courses on CYRIN including Cyber Security Skill Foundation, Essential Defense Tactics and Advanced Defense. He has conducted technical presentations at Blackhat USA, Hacker Halted, ISSA, and TakeDownCon conferences as well as many others.

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Original Date:   September 29, 2021

Original Time:   11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT (UTC-4)

Speaker:   Kevin Cardwell

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