Defense-in-depth requires individual network hosts to be set up securely, whether they be individual workstations, server systems, or cloud computing nodes.

The labs in this category help you configure common operating systems securely, as well as how to configure and deploy host-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS's) and other security tools.

The labs in this category assume general knowledge of TCP/IP networking as well as Unix/Linux and Microsoft Windows configuration principles.


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Students learn how to configure and run the widely-used, free OSSEC Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS). During the exercise, students will learn how to check for rootkits using OSSEC, how to verify file integrity, how to set up passive and active responses, and more. Host intrusion detection is critical to maintaining a secure system, and is required by HIPAA and PCI regulations, both of which OSSEC can help you meet.

  • Familiarity with the Unix/Linux command line
  • Basic networking concepts (TCP/IP, DNS, etc.)
Expected Duration

2 hours, self-paced. Pause and continue at any time.

2 CPEs awarded on successful completion.


$79 for 6 months of access. Register here to enroll.

This lab is also available as part of the CYRIN Secure System Setup Package as well as the CYRIN Cyber Range All Access Package.