CYRIN Accessibility Roadmap

Vendor/Product Information

Vendor Name: Architecture Technology Corporation

Product Name: CYRIN Cyber Range

Product Version: v21.0 (May 2024)

Completion Date: May 2024

Contact Title: CYRIN Accessibility Coordinator

Contact Information:

Specific Issues

Issue Description Current Status (Open, Closed, I/P) Disposition (Planned, Deferred, I/P) Remediation Timeline Available Workarounds Comments
Not all videos within CYRIN exercises have captions for audio data, or descriptions/alternatives to the video. In Progress In Progress Ongoing content updates to CYRIN All newly-generated video content for CYRIN has captions and media alternatives. This issue is to address existing, older content on the platform, as well as marketing videos that have only auto-generated captions.

Legal Disclaimer

The information herein is provided in good faith and does not represent a legally binding timeline for completion. Please contact the CYRIN team at to report any accessibility issues or omissions in this roadmap.