CYRIN Accessibility Roadmap

Vendor/Product Information

Vendor Name: Architecture Technology Corporation

Product Name: CYRIN Cyber Range

Product Version: v17.0 (April 2022)

Completion Date: April 2022

Contact Title: CYRIN Accessibility Coordinator

Contact Information:

Specific Issues

Issue Description Current Status (Open, Closed, I/P) Disposition (Planned, Deferred, I/P) Remediation Timeline Available Workarounds Comments
Not all videos within CYRIN exercises have captions for audio data, or descriptions/alternatives to the video. In Progress In Progress 2022 content updates to CYRIN All newly-generated video content for CYRIN has captions and media alternatives. This issue is to address existing, older content on the platform, as well as marketing videos that have only auto-generated captions.
Not all exercise VMs have accessibility features turned on by default. In Progress In Progress 2022 content updates to CYRIN Users can manually enable accessibility features in VMs as needed. Older exercises in CYRIN contain some virtual machines that do not have accessibility features enabled by default. We are auditing all of these exercise machines to install/enable available accessibility features and enable accessibility menus (or equivalent features depending on the operating system).
Team exercise lobby does not provide option to stop automatic updates. In Progress In Progress 2022 CYRIN platform updates Exercises that allow multiple participants to select teams have a lobby screen with the current team membership listed. This membership updates automatically, without the option to pause updates.

Legal Disclaimer

The information herein is provided in good faith and does not represent a legally binding timeline for completion. Please contact the CYRIN team at to report any accessibility issues or omissions in this roadmap.